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Hammered Copper Wide Adjustale Bracelet

Hammered Copper Wide Adjustale Bracelet

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Bracelet Width: 16 cm Length 2 cm

The bracelet and ring set dazzles with its elegance and grace.

Since it is processed with 4 layers of straightening, it does not tarnish and is hypoallergenic. It is not affected by sweat and water.

Why Should You Wear A Copper Bracelet Every Day?
Wearing a copper bracelet every day can help you in many ways. It can help ease symptoms of arthritis, reduce stress, slow down the ageing process, boost your immunity, improve heart health, help channel spiritual vibrations, assist in wealth creation, protect you from negativity, and boost self-confidence. Still in doubt?

Physical or Health Benefits of Copper
Here’s how a copper bracelet can change your life for the better…

Healthier Immune System
Copper, when worn, gets absorbed in very small and negligible quantities into the bloodstream. It can negate the toxic effects of several other high-toxicity metals in the body. Apart from this, copper also triggers a response from the enzymes that help the body create haemoglobin.

Copper possesses antioxidant properties that prevent free ions and radicals from raising the toxicity within the body. And by improving the density of collagen and elastic fibres, copper slows the ageing process—not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. So now you won’t just look young, but feel young and energetic as well!

Heals Disorders That Stem from Menopause
If you’re going through menopause, wearing a copper bracelet can really make a difference. It’s one of the best and most inexpensive solutions for healing any disorders related to this condition. In fact, Copper prevents the onset of osteoarthritis and keeps the nervous system in optimal balance.

Anti-Stress Properties
It shouldn’t come as a surprise that stress is a widespread cause of modern diseases and conditions. Whether it’s emotional, physical, or mental, stress can alter some of your bodily functions and that’s not good for your health.

By wearing a copper bracelet, you can fight stress and the ageing process because it helps in boosting the production of haemoglobin in your red blood cells. When the haemoglobin efficiently transports oxygen to various parts of the body, it energises them and allows them to perform their functions optimally.

Spiritual Benefits of Copper
Conducts Spiritual Energy
If you recall from your physics class at school, copper is a good conductor of heat and electricity. Spiritually, too, it grounds and transfers vibration frequencies from the physical realm to the spiritual one, and vice versa. As a result, you can channel and communicate with higher dimensional beings, cleanse your aura and mind, and find out information from the spiritual world.

Boosts Self-Esteem
Copper is known as a warm metal. Its mineral composition balances the energies received from the cool moon and the warm sun, which in turn wards off any negative thoughts. It can also enhance your ability to express yourself and be in tune with your emotions, regardless of the situation. If you feel angry, anxious, or aggressive, the metal’s soothing energy will calm down all these emotions.

Ensure Positive Energy
The copper metal comes under the planet Mars. Mars is a warrior active planet. The bracelet ensures that your energy reserve remains full and intact, allowing you to go about your daily routine with lots of positive energy. It also protects you from any negative energy in your environment.

Promotes Wealth Creation
The Copper metal is the giver of positivity and goodness, as well as the bringer of good luck in various endeavours. Many people associate it with positive energy when acquiring property and other material possessions. It attracts money, prosperity, and all-around abundance.

How Should You Wear The Copper Bracelet To Get The Most Out Of It?
Spiritually speaking, a copper bracelet is best worn on the left wrist. This is because the left side is considered to be the receptive side of the body. It is the hand used to absorb the spiritual energy of the bracelet. However, if you are using it for healing the body, wear it on alternating wrists.

The most important thing to remember is that it should have direct contact with your skin. Doing so ensures that you distribute the micro minerals of the copper healing bracelet evenly in your body.

How Long Should You Wear A Copper Bracelet?
If you’re using it for its spiritual benefits, you can wear the bracelet for a long time. The longer you wear it, the more you get to absorb the vibrations from the bracelet. However, be sure to remove the bracelet when you’re in the shower or doing the dishes as prolonged exposure to water may damage the metal.

If you’re wearing it for health benefits, then you should wear the bracelet for a short time. Wearing it for half a day is also good enough. For other purposes, you can wear it throughout the day or while you sleep at night. A minimum of 12 hours of skin contact is required on a daily basis for this metal to show its best results.

Be sure that you purchase your copper bracelet from a reliable source, because the pureness of the metal will determine the quality of the rewards.

Materials: Copper
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